A leading financial advisory firm in Latin America that
supports entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies to
achieve their growth goals

We are an

international financial

advisory firm US based specialized
in raising capital in debt or equity, buying and selling companies –
M&A, capital markets, as well as strategy and finance consulting for
entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies in Latin America
and qualified investors who navigate industries with high social and
environmental impact.


Meet our team

César Gutiérrez

Managing Director

Joan Vivas

Executive Director

Juan Pablo

Executive Director

Santiago López

M&A Vice President

Diana Moreno

M&A Manager

Our promise of value

We are committed to building long-term relationships with the clients we work with.

We are specialists

With four lines of business, we have the ability to always be focused on what we do best.

We are flexible

Being a boutique office, we are flexible and easily adapt to projects no matter how complex or different they may seem.

We get involved

We have a horizontal organizational structure where in-depth analyzes are carried out directly by the directors.

We are agile

We offer high response speed in our processes and during all stages of the transaction.

Our values

We are committed to building long-term relationships with the clients we work with.


We are passionate about the work we do with each of our clients. Supporting their growth is what gives meaning to our efforts.

Human sense

We are people working for people.


Our clients can rest assured that we always do the right thing. It is the fundamental pillar of each one of our actions.


We exist by and for our clients; unconditionally. At all stages of our processes, we strive to provide a high-level service with exceptional results.


We approach each project with total dedication, determination, and attention to detail. Our support creates tangible value for our clients from the very beginning.


We always remain positive to overcome the obstacles that arise in the execution of a project.


Our relationships are founded on a deep respect for each other.


We work openly and transparently during the execution of the transaction.